The g bomb, for the love of it.

Sitting in a thingy this week, randomly a the cool girls table. The cool girls had one girl there get so bitch slapped I felt for her.

Google is getting into her business.

And they aren’t charging. Just doing it for the love of it.

No channel to monetize, just community service.
Just for the love.

If what you’re doing is just for the cash, and not for the love, you may get a rude awakening. Even if it’s not a deep pocketed competitor.

Unrelated- we’ve changed our house rules for the board game stratego. Ties go to the defender, because it’s more likely that a defender is doing it for the love not the glory.

Google is coming. Do you love your segment enough?

My favourite line, about a satchel. Black leather doctors bag.

Feels like ima doctor. People treat you differently when you’re in a suit. People treat you even MORE differently when you’re in a dark suit AND sporting a leather doctors bag. Doors are held open. Crowds part. Is the a doctor in the house?

Yes there is.

Relax, this will only hurt a moment.

Three children, two schools.

For what seems like the first time in years, YEARS!, we have Three children, two schools. Rather than three schools. Dunno if we ever had all three in one school, and doubtful that we ever will. But the shedding of that third school is a glorious thing.

One less pta, athletic, music, fund raising, teacher meeting and general time suckery. Don’t get me wrong, the endless pta, athletic, music, fund raising, teacher meeting time suck is still gonna happen, but more it’s only two campuses. So that’s a win.

Prof.Dr. Dunbar was right about the number of people you can effectively have in ones tribe, and the thinner it’s spread the thinner the connection.

This is the calm before the storm.

Gonna enjoy it, next year we’ll be back to our normal abnormal. With three children on three campuses. Touch wood

Jesus at all the channels

So some channels annoy their users to the point of open revolt, like the whole foursquare-swarm fiasco. Others pimp out their users data or worse, manipulate their streams. Like the fb.


Lately been playing more with the photo sharing Instagram and less with the Twitters.

Still free tho. Ish.
Time ain’t.
But writing and reflection are great behaviors, without regard to likes or followers.

If you’ve got something to say, or reflect upon.

About that railroad.

It rides upon us.

Yeah, it gives some of us the freedom to light out. See the world. Move the fiddly bits.

But it rides on our backs as well. It requires land, iron, people.

Or talent, capital, technology, and clients. Chrissakes at the clients it requires.

Not a Luddite. But the more infrastructure we builds, the more overhead we gots.

So today’s project interruption was a riff about finally taking our garage back. From a once usable space (best and highest use?) that declined Into a dingo infested weasel pile.

Sixteen. Years. That’s what it took.

Not particularly proud of the gap in service. But glad we’ve done some things for the better.

Equal thirds was my mantra, a metric I pulled outta my ear. But it was pretty damn accurate.

1/3-rubbish. Not even worth giving away, just recycle it. Like grind it up and start again. Rubbish.

1/3-goodwill. Clothes, toys, cribs, tools, et al. useful things for someone. Just not us. Not anymore.

1/3- back home, NEATLY. For use later, sooner the better. Some Christmas decorations that needed a better organization system, re gifts and re purpose crafty things. Some things we’ve been kinda passively looking for. But not pining for,obvss.
We’ve taken back the space, and two cars now sleep in the two car garage. Feels freeing, getting from under the junk pile.

Didn’t take all THAT much work, just some working space and some thought.
Glad to have our girls inside again.

It’ll wait

Doctor of delayed gratification incident. They just got back from their glamorous and exciting off continent yearly summer adventure. ran into exactly one half of their tribe at Costco, the other half is still En route.

We offered the pater famalias the opportunity to get rid of his charges, two pre teen girls. We suggested grilled burgers,swim, and a Harry potter movie.

Nah, we’ve got chores to do.

BUT, if and only if they get it in gear and finish their assigned tasks….
Then they can come over.

And watch movies made from books they’ve read.

Not the other way around.

Open question-is the glamorous and exciting off continent yearly summer adventure indicative of some deeper magic?

Some deeper understanding of what matters?

I think it is. A wisdom. Do the work first. The fun will follow.

Client training. Dog training.

Boarded the dogs for the first time ever this past weekend. Never done it before, and made some mistakes. The best worst mistake I made was signing a thing I fully discounted. The cancellation clause.

“Nah, that’ll NEVER be me. “

What kinda person flakes out on a boarding?
I did. And I got an invoice, PLUS a copy of the highlighted and signed cancellation clause.

High. Lighted.

It was an angry highlighting. Messy and firm of hand, as if he is fed up, FED UP I say, with these golram cancellations.

I was pissed when he told me, but more pissed at meself than him.

Gonna pay it, I’m dead to rights. And doubt I’ll ever cancel agan.


Did you get your football schedule promo yet?

Closeout and outlet deals await!

Your klout score went up!

These nuggets, among many others, were awaiting my immediate response this morning in the email channel
I’m always disappointed in the email channel.

Praps the old admonishment about snail mail holds true here.

Gotta send letters to get letters.

Or elementary school.
Gotta be a friend to have a friend.

Wonder what their open rates are? These UN bidden emails. And since delete, or even ignore, are easier than unsubscribe, wonder how many actually get read. How many get the desired calls to action.

None. Such a small percentage that if there were a cost even a fraction of a cent each spam email sent, the charade of interruption marketing would implode.
It would collapse like the house of cards it is.

Interruption. Ignored.

well, at least they’re trying. Bless their hearts.

No you didn’t.

That vapid ‘please RT!’
That ten thousandth invitation to join your mafia mob, tend your farm, or crush your candy.

The request for a LinkedIn recommendation that you copied and pasted to at least a metric shit ton of my mates, and me, about topics I’ve never discussed with you, procured from you, or even really knew that you did for a living.

That contest you needed votes for. Last minute like, but the votes don’t matter all that much because there’s an essay and video component too. Not that you put that much time, thought, or effort in either of those either.

Like your fb page?
Follow your automated Twitters feed? Check in on your foursquare?
Share your Instagram?
Snapchat you shots of what again?
Watch your you tube?

I think you’ve missed the point of this medium.

Half way

Sitting between where I’d like to be and looking at where I should be.

Looking for a sign. Looking for Nudge.

Duty calls. There is plenty of time for want to do.