The horror. Oh the horror. My koozie, my precious!

Well shit,i had an exceptionally awesome event last week lightly sullied. By another damn koozie. But this koozie was coherent, once. It was dead on pretty perfect.

As koozies go,i mean.

Once upon a time, this elegant little bitch was right. I know this because tyler knows this.

Actually,i know this because I sold it to them. Two years ago. I’m feeling kinda dirty,as two years seems a long time for swag to languish in a wall locker. Unloved.


A tall sip of water and elegant little scrap of scuba material, this koozie STARTED life on a road to good intentions.




um, thats really what I wanna riff about today. Because when she called me for a koozie two years ago I pushed back. Been a client of mine for over ten years, the boss served with me in the navy. I care too much about them to serve them lightly. Really. ’ It’s an outdoor bbq in the bosses back yard, with a band. And good beer!’ She chirped. Okden, we did the deed. An elegant bottle style koozie, in their distinctive corporate color with a subtle little decoration. Subtle! I promise, as koozies go, this girl was dignified. And on time. And on budget. Intimate, authentic,& unexpected? Well….one outta three anyway.

I called her last month about a diff thingy. En passant,i mentioned THIS event. ‘i see you guys are gonna represent at the #shrm, want help?’ ’ nah, we’re good.’

No. No youre not. Not actually ‘good’. Just grabbing a handfull of old stuff from a COMPLETELY different event? Really? Really. Imbe booking rooms, several rooms, buying a booth space, traveling hours from home each way, spending lots of elbow time with clients, prospects, fellow attendees,and various and sundry hangers on. And they get sloppy seconds. Cool. Ftr, there was NO beer served at their, or any other booth. (disclosure moment! Our booth burned through 3 bottles of tequila and half a bottle of maker’s in RECORD time, but what.ever.)

No. the issue is intent.


Sloppy seconds? Do you think the attendees don’t smell that a mile away? They. Do. Look,i wanna talk booth strategy for a second. If you send the lowest rung guy on your org chart and he ACTS as if he’s…..the lowest rung guy on the org chart. Really! A newly minted lawyer told me that. ’ theres no one less important than me, so I got the short straw.’ But he didn’t really have to tell me that, he exuded that. Wonder just how effective he was. Any bets as to how many great connections he made? Intentions.

The good news is we had a few competitors exhibit, right around the corner. They.were.shamed. One was so offended she refused my peace offering of the last margarita. Another was so stunned he never ever came near us,he just stomped away. Mad and muttering. Meanwhile, our place was a hot mess, thx to#14.5& her tomfoolery. Music, large screen apple with fresh event pics, great ENGAGING booth with fresh, relevant graphics & swag. Intimate, authentic,& unexpected. All the cool girls were literally lined up. Our milkshake? Brought all the girls to the yard.

His booth? Mr.Haynies peddler wagon! And crickets reigned. Ghost town. He had lotsa catalogs, trinkets, koozies, and sloppy seconds. What ever. You gots the rest of today,i hope, to go tell your story. Your reason to exist. The reason you get up in the morning. How ya gonna do it? I vote with intentionality. And, if youre tall enough to ride the ride, I vote with us. If it makes sense.

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